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MeetAi! is a dating app founded by two graduates from Europe’s top universities, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. With strong backgrounds in mathematics, AI, business, finance, marketing and management, we have high ambitions to create the best dating app in the world.

Originating from Sweden, but having lived and worked in 6 countries and speaking a total of 6 languages, we have grown to have a good understanding of different cultures and people. By combining this knowledge with our professional and educational experience and a strong team with local knowledge, we believe that we stand well-prepared in our journey to create the Southeast Asia's leading dating app.

MeetAi! is created as a solution to solve one of our time's most important problems: finding companionship in an increasingly lonely world. MeetAi! wants to be the safe, fun and authentic dating app and first solution for people when looking for a partner. We acknowledge the pressure and stress that a lot of people in Asia experience from their family and society to find someone to create a family with, as well as the statistics showing that the amount of single-person-households increase. Living in Vietnam and having friends who are experiencing this exact situation, we are firmly determined to create a solution to this.

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